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Information Infraestructure Lifter Tickets Gear Rental Transport to the Ski Resort
Ski Snowboard Lessons Restaurants and Services Tracks Recommendations

Information Regarding the Ski Resort of Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado is one of the most modern ski resorts and the newest in Chile and the largest in South America. It is located 60 kilometres away from Santiago at 3025 metres above sea level, and it has a skiing surface of 9000 hectares with 37 kilometres of snow tracks, both for beginners and experts in all levels and for all likings. You can enjoy more than 80% of clear and sunny days and a snow of excellent quality, thanks to the orientation and height of the mountain resort, with canyons covering 4 kilometres of tracks in all levels. Besides, this ski resort is interconnected to the neighbouring centres of La Parva and El Colorado.

For snowboard fans, Valle Nevado constitutes the most vanguard mountain resort in South America. Concerned about being updated regarding the technological aspect, it has a Snow Park and a Half Pipe always in perfect conditions to enjoy the practice of Free Style. The Half Pipe at Valle Nevado is the only one in Chile recognised by the SIF (Snowboard International Federation).
These conditions allow it to organise for a 4th consecutive year the First Date of the Snowboard World Cup.

The Mountain Resort of Valle Nevado is located in the cordillera zone of the Metropolitan Region, at an altitude of 3025 metres above sea level and at a 60 kilometre distance from the International Airport of Santiago.

Ways of Access
At only 46 kilometres from Santiago, through the paved road bound to Farallones, which runs for 32 kilometres before reaching the detour to Valle Nevado. It is a 14 kilometre drive from this point to the winter centre.
Carry chains for the tires, its use is mandatory on mountain roads.

Road Timetable
Due to safety reasons, Police in Chile (Carabineros) restricts the use of the access road to the cordillera during the ski season under the following parameters:

Mondays to Fridays (save holydays)
Either way all day long.

Saturdays, Sundays and holydays
Uphill between 08:00 and 14:00 hours.
Downhill between 16:00 and 20:00 hours.
With no restriction between 20:00 and 08:00 hours of the following day.

Note: Timetable subject to change according to the instructions given by the Carabineros. It is advised to pay special attention to this timetable for it may influence the reserved air connections due to the arriving and departing hours of the airlines.


Hotels: The ski resort has 3 hotels, the condominium Mirador del Inca and the departments of Valle del Sol

Valle Nevado Hotel
Tres Punta Hotel
Puerta del Sol Hotel

Lifter Tickets

**** During seasons with little snow, the hotels keeps the right to allow the use of the tracks exclusively for guests staying at the hotels and departments of Valle Nevado. Consult before going up for the day ****

The ticket booth for the lifter is located on the left side of the entrance to the Puerta del Sol Hotel. Passengers staying at the hotel have a ski ticket included, though if they wish to ski in some other resort, they can buy the interconnection at this booth.

Notes: - A person between 13 and 64 years old is considered an adult; a minor under 5 years rides for free; a person between 5 and 12 years old is a minor; and a person over 65 years old is a senior.

Gear Rental

A complete and modern stock of more than 1200 sets of gear for the practice of ski and snowboard, with state of the art technology in the market besides the special vestment, are at the disposition of the most demanding sportspeople.
The Ski Shop also includes a workshop with last generation machinery for the restoring and maintenance of the equipment, which is renovated on a yearly basis.

Transport to the Ski Resort


Program Fees
Transport Santiago / Valle Nevado / Santiago - Regular US$
Transport Santiago Valle Nevado or vice versa - 1 to 2 Pass. - Private US$
Transport Santiago Valle Nevado or vice versa - 3 to 7 Pass. - Private US$
Excursion Full Day (Transport + Ticket) US$

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Ski and Snowboard School
Valle Nevado has a staff of more than 50 qualified instructors of different nationalities, all of whom speak more than two languages, which allows the rookies to initiate themselves with all the necessary confidence and safety, while the expert skiers can improve their abilities in all the modalities of these snow sports.

Group Lessons: Students attending group lessons must have a similar age and an equal level of expertise. Classes last 3 hours and groups have a maximum of 8 individuals.

Private Lessons: They last 1 hour for both adults and minors and they can incorporate two additional persons.

Semi-Private Lessons: 3 to 5 individuals with the same abilities hire an instructor to learn more specialised styles or techniques: ski or snowboard on dust snow, bumps, introduction to competitions, free ride, free style and carving.

Mini School: For the apprenticeship of kids between 4 and 7 years of age. There is a snow garden where the minors can initiate themselves in the world of skiing aided by specialised instructors.

Chopper Ski and Snowboard: Valle Nevado has the exclusive services of the helicopter company Lassa, with a Bell 407 helicopter permanently stationed at the ski resort.
Summits of up to 4200 metres can be reached in flights carrying a maximum of 5 passengers accompanied by a guide. The options for the practice of this experience are enormous and of varied levels of difficulty, and you will always find a valley yet to be explored.

Restaurants and Services


Café de la Plaza (Chilean Food)
Breakfast : 07:30 to 10:30 hours
Coffee Service : 16:30 to 18:30 hours
Dinner : 19:30 to 21.30 hours and 21:30 to 23:30 hours
(Puerta del Sol Hotel)

Don Giovanni (Italian Food)
Lunch : 12:00 to 16:30 hours
Dinner : 19:30 to 21.30 hours and 21:30 to 23:30 hours
(Valle Nevado Hotel)

La Fourchette D´Or (French - Mediterranean Food. For guests staying at Valle Nevado and Puerta del Sol only)
Breakfast : 07:30 to 10:30 hours
Coffee Shop : 11:00 to 16:30 hours
Lunch : 13:00 to 16:30 hours
Dinner : 19:30 to 21.30 hours and 21:30 to 23:30 hours
(Valle Nevado Hotel)

Slalom (Fast Food)
Self-service : 09:00 to 19:00 hours

Le Montagnard (Alpine Food)
Dinner : 19:30 to 21.30 hours and 21:30 to 23:30 hours
(Puerta del Sol Hotel)

Breakfast : 07:30 to 10:30 hours
Dinner : 19:30 to 21.30 hours and 21:30 to 23:30 hours
(Tres Puntas Hotel)

20:00 to 23:00 hours

Bar Don Giovanni or Bar Puerta del Sol
This service is offered on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only. Table reservations for dinner must be asked at the front desk of the hotel from 09:00 to 18:30 hours. After this time, you will have to dial the extension of your restaurant of choice.

Bajo Zero (Fast Food)
Self-service : 09:00 to 17:00 hours
Located by the tracks.


Nursery: Parents will be able to ski leaving their children between 3 and 7 years of age with total reliance in the nursery in charge of specialised personnel, with an amusing program of indoor and outdoor activities. The nursery is located in the Valle Nevado Hotel.

Hang-gliding: You may hire a flight accompanied by an experienced pilot who will skip a two seat hang-glider from the top of the Mirador, flying over Valle Nevado and landing on the runway of Base El Prado. The flight is subject to meteorological conditions.

Ski Shop: It has a stock of 1100 sets of gear for ski and snowboard, and the traditional skis for adults and minors have been replaced by parabolic ones in brands such as Rossignol, Salomon and K2.

Our Ski Shop has a gear rental system that can be directly charged to your account at the hotel. Besides, you may gather your equipment even though you are late, so in this way you may run the tracks early the next day.

The professional team of Skiman advices us on the election of the equipment for our guests, according to their level of expertise and physical characteristics.

Workshop: There is also a modern workshop for the restoration and maintenance of the equipment, having for this purpose special machinery to dry up boots through the circulation of environmental air and ultraviolet ray light which disinfects at the same time.


Valle Nevado, with 9000 hectares of skiing area, has 34 ski tracks from which 4 are for beginners, 10 for intermediate level, 14 for advanced skiers, and 6 for experts. There are 11 means of elevation (lifters), of which we will stand out the Andes Express for due to its speed it allows you to enjoy your day without having to stand at a waiting queue. Moreover, you have a helicopter to reach areas hard to access.
Besides, Valle Nevado is interconnected with two other Ski Resorts: El Colorado and La Parva, for which you can buy a combined ticket.

Valle Nevado has machines which fabricate artificial snow during those days when there has been no snowfalls for a long period, and it applies it on 6 of the 34 tracks.

  • Duration of an average season : 112 days
  • Nº of tracks : 34 tracks
  • Means of elevation : 11 (1 high speed quadruple chair, with disengagement system, 3 funicular chairs, 1 ski funicular and 1 cable chair).
  • Metres of gradient : 810 metres
  • Summit Tres Puntas : 3670 metres (maximum altitude)
  • Base El Prado : 2860 metres (maximum altitude)
  • Annual average snow : 1.72 metres at the base
  • Average snowfall : 815 centimetres in the year 2000
  • Average clear days : 80% (112 days base)
  • Tracks with artificial snow : 6 tracks
  • Interconnection with other resorts : La Parva and El Colorado
  • Chopper ski and snowboard height : 2500 metres
  • Altitude at the resort : 3025 metres
  • Snowboard tracks : Half Pipe track and Border Cross
  • Stationed helicopter : Bell 407


Descripción Valle Nevado El Colorado La Parva Total
Hectares of smoothed tracks 130 230 150 510
Hectares of skiing area 9.000 1.000 700 10.700
Total length of the tracks 37 Km. 38 Km. 38 Km. 113 Km.
Number of lifters 11 18 14 43

Difficulty of the tracks:
  • Green Tracks (Beginners): 12%
  • Blue Tracks (intermediates): 29%
  • Red Tracks (Advanced): 41%
  • Black Tracks (Experts): 18%


Name Capacity Length Gradient P/h
Funicular Chairs
Andes Express Quadruple with disengagement system 1.676 m 420 m 2.100
El Mirador Quadruple 1.416 m 324 m 1.800
El Prado Triple 579 m 145 m 1.500
El Vaiven Double 290 m 73 m 1.200
Ski Funiculars (racks)
Tres Puntas Individual 1.664 m 435 m 800
Valle del Inca Individual 766 m 256 m 900
Las Ballicas Individual 900 m 248 m 800
La Escondida Individual 600 m 160 m 900
El Carrusel Individual 100 m 17 m 300
Bambi Individual 60 m 4 m 100
Telecord Individual 150 m 26 m 1.450


  • Carry a sun blocker
  • Use sunglasses
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages when going up and down to and from Valle Nevado
  • Valle Nevado has no pharmacy thus it is suggested to carry your own remedies if you are under medication
  • Valle Nevado advises to take a travel insurance with coverage within Chile
  • Power output in Chile is of 220 volts
  • If you are allergic to any food, medication or some other thing, please advise so at the front desk. This information is very important to us.
Recommendations for the skier
  • Check that your vestment is adequate for the snow. Use gloves and tied socks.
  • Your locks must be adjusted to your ski boots.
  • Your gear must be checked at some workshop at the beginning of the season.
  • Do not forget your ski ticket.
  • Ask for the map of the tracks, there you can see the level of difficulty of the tracks.
  • Choose tracks according to your level of expertise.
  • Respect the safety rules and the signs at the tracks.
  • Skiing off track implies risks which are taken under your own responsibility.
  • Abide by the rules of skiers for your own safety and for that of other skiers. They are available in the different points of sale of the ski services.

ISO 9001 : 2000
Travel Consulting, Tourist Operation Management
Electronic Air Tickets Distribution

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